Cowards and weasels, (one of) Chinese martial arts’ saddest moments

9 May

With this blog I perhaps return to what many consider my “former” internet persona; I am going to heavily criticize most of the so called “traditional” Chinese martial arts community. But I’ll suggest that if what I say here offends you, then YOU are part of the problem.

Xu Xiaodong has been silenced, likely for good. The Chinese Wushu Association, the extension of the Chinese government responsible for regulating martial arts in mainland China, has deleted Xu’s channel, forbidden him from engaging in media of any sort, and of course, put an end to any talk of more matches. Oh, and along the way they accused him of being a spy for the West to undermine “Chinese culture.” How sad, as this event, like others in the past, reveal that “Chinese culture” is already corrupt and without ethics already.

The “Thunder God of Taiji Quan”, whom Xu dispatched in less than 10 seconds, was quick to jump onto television and explain how his strikes were “too deadly” to really use. Ah, yes, of course! He would have won if it had been “serioius”, but of course it wasn’t so he ended up bloody and on his butt in under 10 seconds.

We also learned that the “fight” happened because of similar absurd claims by the so called “Thunder God”, including that he was immune to rear naked chokes. Of course, Mr “Thunder God” could have just had Xu put a choke on him, but he REFUSED to test it that way….

Let us also remember that when a match with Xu Xiaodong was still on the table, one of the four elders of Chen village declared that Chen style Taiji Quan was NOT for fighting and said they wouldn’t send a challenger. Only after the Chinese Wushu Association completely tied Xu’s hands did Chen village send not ONE, but SEVEN! “challengers” to confront Xu. My how brave! Oh, sorry, what I meant to write is what weasels and chicken sh-ts….

“Strangely”, with ZERO POSSIBILITY of a real match actually happening now, a bunch of other cowards and weasels have said they suddenly want to fight. “Yi Long” the fake shaolin monk who has made a name for himself mostly by setting up mis-matches, and when that doesn’t work having the judges in his pocket, suddenly wants to fight!

If anyone ever “brags” to you about Yi Long, you can show them the above picture.. or better yet this video clip!

Sadly, this all reminds me of the DECADES that self proclaimed defenders of “traditional” heaped criticism upon myself and my students for, gasp!, actually fighting! The funniest comment to date was how Chan Tai-San would be opposed to his lineage engaging in such “violence” on the Lei Tai and in rings and cages. To people who really knew Chan Tai-San, man oh man I can tell you that sh-t is funny funny funny!

Of course, I also noted that when those evil, nasty and mean “MMA types” would criticize traditional Chinese martial arts as useless crap, those same idiots would be quick to point out “Chan Tai San’s disciples are traditional and they have won a lot of fights”….

And people wonder why for decades I stayed away from the so called “Wu Lin”…..


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