San Da Training Systems

San Da Training Systems – Who Should Be Interested in Our Programs?

  • Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Other “Stand Up” Fighting Schools
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Other Grappling Schools
  • All Traditional Martial Arts Schools

STRICTLY for instructors and school owners, I created San Da Training Systems so that those in the industry would have access to (1) material to expand their knowledge and improve their training programs AND (2) access to the business information necessary to establish and grow their schools. Currently I have over 546 students at my location in New York City. I sign up 40 to 55 new students per month. You can’t argue with success and I’m willing to share it with you!

How Does It Work?

  • A proven business model that will attract new clients, teaches you how to register them and then how to progressively upgrade them.
  • Training for you and your staff. Attend an instructors’ training camp with your ENTIRE STAFF where we will not only introduce you to new skills but teach you how to structure curriculum and run classes.
  • What is covered at the instructors’ training camp?
    We cover both “Level 101” and “Level 202” material
    – Stance, partner footwork drills and head movement
    – Boxing Structure
    – Kickboxing Structure
    – Warm up and conditioning, including MMA drills
    – Clinching for knees and elbows
    – Clinching for throws and takedowns
    – Focus Mitts and Thai pads
    – Introducing sparring and sparring drills

  • Continued support through online access, instructional DVD’s, marketing tutorials, and access to industry leaders who will guide you as you expand your programs.

Certified schools have the option of using the basic and intermediate programs as used in the national headquarters in New York. Those who do receive our assistance with rank certifications, testing, and promotions.

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One Response to “San Da Training Systems”

  1. Tom Framnes September 22, 2018 at 8:43 am #

    “ Nothing more rewarding, than getting ones thesis validated by those who exceeds oneself in excellence”
    – Chinese proverb

    This is the feeling I got when I read your blogs and thoughts in regards to the state of the Chinese martial arts, as well as your take on implementing progressive applicable training into the arts overall.

    I’ve myself,have reached the same conclusions as you, and have been actively training with these methods in mind for the past 14 years, and the results are non negotiable/deniable. Even though( like yourself) I’ve received a lot of flack from the “ traditionalists” that what I do is not “ real” or “ true to form” ( my main system is Wing Chun, and is also what I teach) but I share the same path as you, been involved with myriad of different systems as I’ve been training since I was 13( now 33) and it always seemed to amazed me how lackluster the results became the moment I transitioned from” practical” to “ traditional” arts, even though all the teachers sprouted the claim” THIS IS MARTIAL/ GOU SHOU/ Wu- SHU!” Etc. This also became painstakely clear as I was working in security for 10 years and found out quite quickly that you either adapt or die, and one needed to realize that many of the “ Sifu’s” were nothing more than dry land swimmers.

    To quote Matt Thornton of SBG “ training methods and aliveness is key” and when I started focusing more on this not only did I improve, but my students results spoke for themselves.( to clarify I come from a full contact boxing/kickboxing/ TKD background) before venturing into Chinese martial arts.

    What you do for the Chinese martial arts, is beyond commendable, and you give hope and validation to the rest of us that we are “ not sick men” and that we are actually a part of the very few that are trying to portray the true validity of the Chinese martial arts, and practiced correctly, the arts will still have a place and function in this world.

    My utmost humble and sincere regards.

    Fellow Kung Fu brother

    Tom Framnes

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