More from the OMFG file….

12 Jan

If you follow this blog or follow me on Facebook, you probably know that more than once I’ve discussed the weird, inconsiderate, rude and outright A-holes that wander into martial arts schools. I believe my last blog on the subject was “Advice on how not to be that guy”. Honestly, things have been rather calm here lately, but then last night I got the worst person EVER! And that is saying a lot!

How you can be a jerk literally every second you are in a facility boggles the mind? This person literally did every single thing I am about to highlight in this blog.

1. Showed up late. We ask you arrive 15 minutes before we start. You have paperwork to do, you have to change, we don’t want to rush you. But we do want you to not miss the warm up and we want you to go through the whole warm up because we literally walk you through all the basics like stance, hand position, footwork and basic strikes.

2. Asked if we had wraps, yes we do. BUT he wanted to “borrow” some wraps? Who would ask to borrow wraps? Would you like to borrow dirty underwear?

3. Disappeared into the locker room. He was already late, so we needed him to change and get onto the mat. He disappeared into the locker room, so…..

4. He then walked on the mat late. OK, you are now really late, you are missing the warm up, you are missing the instruction, but, ok, finally you are on the mat, EXCEPT

5. After disappearing in the locker room and walking on the mat late for class, he announces he now wants to buy wraps. I am the only person working that day, I am running the warm up, but I manage to run off the mat, throw handwraps at him, take his money (of course he wanted to “pay afterwards”! Do you know how many times I’ve NOT been paid by “pay afterwards” guys?), make change and get back on the mat.

6. So I am back on the mat, running the warm up. This guy is now wrapping one hand. He misses almost all of the warm up.

7. The few times he stops wrapping his ONE HAND, he decides to completely ignore what the entire class is actually doing and does something that I can safely say I can not identify?

8. We are done with the warm up. I tell everyone to find a heavy bag. At this point, he decides to wrap his other hand. He misses entirely the first two rounds.

9. 40 minutes into the class, he has finally wrapped his hands and decided to join class. Everyone is on the OUTSIDE of the bag rack hitting bags. He decides to stand INSIDE the bag rack. he also keeps changing which bag he is hitting.

10. Needless to say, the remaining rounds he does not pay attention to any of the instruction, does not do the actual rounds, and does his own thing, which is unidentifiable.

11. Of course, at the end of class he asks about advanced classes, sparring and “fighting”

The evidence of a higher being is the fact I have yet to kill one of these people. I am of course joking…..

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