Martial Arts Frauds, “martial virtue”, “respect” and other BS…..

5 Dec

Human nature such as it is, I suppose we should not be shocked that the martial arts community (like all communities) has its share of con men and frauds. With the Chinese martial arts in particular, this has become a bit (no, an outright) problem. Perhaps we should ask WHY we have these con men and frauds?

If you’ve read my book, “Chinese Martial Arts: A Historical Outline”, you will already know that for much of Chinese martial arts history, martial artists traveled frequently in the same circles as con men and frauds. The “JiangHu” was full of street performers and snake oil salesmen, as well as outright thieves and bandits. For every teacher selling real Dit Da Jow, there had to be at least three selling utterly worthless brown water (or worse). Still, we would suspect that most of those in the JuangHu, even the con men and frauds, still probably had some martial arts skills. They did after all have to defend themselves.

Later in my book, we look at the so called “boxers”, and there is strong evidence that much of this movement were not orthodox martial artists, but rather ignorant peasants convinced that spirits had taken over their body. Their so called “martial arts” were often nothing more than flowery movements they had copied from local opera performances! So, clearly, we can find evidence of outright fraud and “quackery” even in the “good old days”.

The problem is, it is relatively certain to say that con men, frauds and “quackery” has EXPANDED in recent decades in Chinese martial arts circles. Some of it frankly boggles the mind; grown men acting like fools to sell the BS of some obvious fraud? And let us never forget that increasingly these days, these con men survive because increasingly they are NOT called to task.

Of course, something negative CAN be said of challenging an “old man” to a fight. There is this embarrassing example. And even some legit schools these days may not really want to “go there” with paying students there for classes that are supposed to be going on, etc etc. However, exposing facts and discussing the truth is a big departure from kicking a 70 year old in the head. Yet, we have those who will rattle on about “martial virtue” and / or “respect.”

If you know me, you know where I sit on these issues. Frauds and con men should NOT be hiding behind false claims of “martial virtue” or “respect”. Their is nothing virtuous or respectful about lies, fraud, nonsense and staining legitimate lineages. And, frankly, if you are not part of the solution, you ARE the problem.

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