1 Oct

Unless you are in a cave, and without internet access, you must know there is a lot going on around us. It is perhaps (hopefully?) a time for the beginning of significant change. But in the meantime, I can understand how people can be on edge and how the flat internet can make people hard to read. All that said, I still strongly objected when recently I was called a rapist. More precisely, someone made the claim that “most men” are rapists.

As I have already said; I have female friends, I’ve trained and continue to train many women, and I am the father of a daughter. As I said in response to the above comment; men are sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and friends of women. To dismiss them all as rapists serves no one.

That being said, I am also reminded (vaguely?) of something that Malcolm X said as he made his momentous change in positions. He had previously disregarded all white men, but modified his position. He would accept them in a sense, they could help his movement, but they were not PART of it. Something to this effect (?). And this is precisely how I feel about all this.

I would like to think I can make a positive contribution to this all: from ongoing classes, to self defense seminars, to helping to produce a positive community in which much more can happen. But be gentle with me as I proceed. And I ask not only for your help, but your insight and your contributions.



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