Powerful women, the start of a new movement

23 Sep

I have the honor and the privilege of being surrounded by many strong women. Full disclosure, I certainly came from a world where initially women were rare and seldom welcome, the traditional martial arts world. I am not sure, no, I am positive; I had trouble relating to them initially. However, over time I found myself training more and more women.

It is a cliche, but having my daughter changed my entire life. In regards to my martial arts, it gave me suddenly a razor sharp, brilliantly clear vision of the role my martial arts and I play in the lives of the many women who came and continue to come through my door.

“Healthy” is not a number. It is not a number on a scale. It is not a dress size. The more science teaches us about our bodies, the more we must realize that we will most certainly not all look the same way. We are surrounded by unrealistic expectations and depictions to the point it can literally be overwhelming. But lifestyle choices are only one part of the equation, so are genetics. It certainly doesn’t help that so called “professionals” seem unable to advance their perspectives, of which I speak of things like “BMI”. It is often cited, Evander Holyfield was considered the best conditioned professional athlete of all time, using the most up to date methods of his time. According to BMI charts, he borders on morbidly obese!!!

We should all strive to be healthy, to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat correctly and those efforts should be reflected in things like check ups and blood tests. Healthy should also be about happiness. We should enjoy our lives, enjoy those around us. We should be happy with ourselves. We should feel confident. We should have confidence in ourselves and our ability to achieve our goals.

Finally, and as the father of a daughter this greatly concerns me, we should all be SAFE. I write this in the age of #MeToo. Certainly part of being SAFE is confidence and self esteem, but another part of it is the ability to physically defend yourself as well! So, for all these reasons, I see martial arts training as a wonderful way to achieve these goals and to produce generations of powerful women.



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