The New Martial Revolution (NMR) is here…

27 Apr

I am about to go LIVE on Facebook and will repeat much of what is said here. But the blog will keep it well beyond the LIVE video. I spent the past two days downloading and re-editing videos because, YET AGAIN, I “crashed” my secret facebook group. Three times now I put up so much instructional video in there that even a huge corporation like Facebook’s servers couldn’t handle it(?).

I already frequently put up clips (for free) on both my timeline and in my “closed” but public/free group Real Kung Fu Application but editing a bunch of videos allowed me (motivated me?) to put up a lot this morning. AND THAT IS WHEN IT REALLY HIT ME.

I put up stuff that, to me, should be obvious, that everyone should know. Sadly, a lot of people are NOT learning this stuff. Even worse, many in Chinese martial arts in particular are mis-led to believe a lot of the stuff I do is somehow not Chinese martial arts. In short, I am astounded, shocked, confused, disgusted and saddened by the shallow experience of many so called “teachers” of martial arts.

When I say “believe”, or rather “do not believe”, I am saying based upon my EDUCATED OPINION based upon 40 years of training (often with very famous teachers), 30 years of teaching (as of July 2018), and most importantly evidence and science!

I do not believe in “internal” vs. “external”.

I do not believe in “traditional” vs. “modern”.

I do not believe that considerations such as “I do not want to fight”, “not everyone wants to be a fighter”, “I do it for health”, “I do it for recreation” etc etc justify the manipulation and watering down of training.

I do not believe, I REFUSE to believe fairy tales and lies.

So what DO I believe in?

1. Train with real technique. Whether your interest is self defense or “fighting”, recreation, health, etc you DO NOT teach or train anything but 100% real technique. If you teach, you teach it CORRECTLY. This includes teaching body awareness, fundamental concepts and real power generation.

2. Train with real awareness of self; if you are an amateur fighter don’t think you are a professional world champion. If you train for health, don’t think you are a fighter. Understand and accept who you are and WHAT you are.

3. Train with the dedication and intensity that martial arts were meant to be trained with. This DOES NOT mean dedicating you life and spending countless hours like people like I have done. It means that even if you do a one hour class once a week, that class should be real training with real conditioning. The watering down of martial arts, and especially the LIE of “no muscle” and other associated “internal” nonsense is a FRAUD.

4. Train martial arts with a real understanding of its real origins and its real original purpose. Then, and only then, can you understand and appreciate its other applications.

5. Train with an open mind, train with a progressive attitude and most importantly embracing logic, fact and science.

THE NEW MARTIAL REVOLUTION IS COMING….. Exact details coming soon

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