Only in the martial arts!

27 Apr

Only in the martial arts! At least that is how it seems. But we have definitely seen con men and scams in so many fields. Of course, this is a blog about martial arts, so we focus on that community.

Like many con men, Gus Kaparos has changed the name he operates under yet again. He is no longer “Green Cloud Kung Fu” and is now “Long Island Martial Arts Training Academy”. As you might expect, the “stories” have changed around yet again.

Gus Kaparos has also been busy yet again hiring lawyers to harass people who spread the truth about him and trying to get videos like the ones above removed. Of course, the best defense in court is the truth. And fungus dies in sunlight. So as I have promised, I will not let the truth be hidden.

Others (I am guessing former students he ripped off) are also not letting him off the hook. Visit the blog at It exposes the countless lies he’s told about his past, his accomplishments and the countless lies he’s told the martial arts community and worst of all, his students.


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