Wu Lin should be a community, but often is just crabs in a barrel

30 Mar

The “Wu Lin” (“Mo Lam” in Guangdonghua) is a term that gets thrown around a lot in Chinese martial arts circles. It is supposed to be a community, but anyone who has spent any time in this community more often than not refers to the old “crabs in a barrel.” That is, the mentality of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.”

If you’ve been in this community, I really don’t need to explain it to you. The obvious observation is that it is this mentality that has really held back Chinese martial arts. And to NO ONE’S BENEFIT!

Yesterday, I posted a blog praising and referring people to an old friend who does a different system and runs a separate organization. Some people were actually confused by that? But I support a lot of schools and organizations. I frequently take my students to seminars held by other instructors in other schools.

We got to all sorts of seminars, “modern” MMA seminars and traditional Chinese martial arts teachers. We had a wonderful time with Luo Dexiu of Taiwan. I’d recommend him (and HAVE!) to anyone!

And you know what is “funny”? I am not just showing some new fangled modern idea. My teacher had exactly the same mentality. And he also bemoaned the decline of Chinese martial arts because people were too busy being “crabs in a barrel”.



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