Closed minds are NOT part of traditional martial arts

15 Mar

In the past, I’ve suggested (and even demonstrated) how some popular Wing Chun moves that are usually interpreted as strikes or blocks might more logically be grappling movements such as arm drags and arm drag counters.

You can certainly understand people getting upset when someone attacks their method; the internet is full of one group talking about how the other group is hopelessly lost and their stuff will never work. But is suggesting that something you do is MORE than it first appears, and that what you do has even more applications, isn’t really reasonably an “attack” upon what you do, is it? None the less, parties with torches organized to lynch me.

I have suggested that many of the kneeling positions found in Chinese martial arts are actually leg attack takedowns. That isn’t even a novel idea of mine; it is well discussed and known in Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling).

Fujian Dog Boxing remains a relatively rare method, though now you can find it online on, etc. Many of its positions are for throws, trips and ground fighting.

So I never quite get why people get upset when you suggest that traditional methods might be MORE than what they first appear to be? And my next reaction is, please do NOT wrap your self in the flag of “tradition” to justify those positions. “Traditional” was originally about men who fought to survive and we have countless stories about how the person who found a new method or new way to do things prevailed in combat. So stop it, just stop it.


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