More Monkey Business

9 Dec

PLEASE NOTE: This is part two. Don’t read this unless you already read Monkey (Kung Fu) Business

Federation recognition, ranking and “cool technique” isn’t probably going to help anyone business-wise in today’s world. Things have changed not only because of the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). We no longer have “kung fu movies” like Shaw brothers. We no longer have Chuck Norris martial arts themed movies. People are no longer raised believing that earning a black belt in martial arts is going to give them access to something special. There is very little “Asian mysticism” left. Many instructors of the past just got away with things based upon that stuff alone. No deal in today’s market.


A lot of martial artists have also not kept up with technology. In fact, I know some that still ask about the “yellow pages”! Many think FACEBOOK is beneath them. Don’t even get me started with web sites!!! A major problem, related to the previous; today people are more likely to enter search terms such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing and jiujitsu.


So, I’d argue that one of the most valuable things that any martial arts organization could offer would be practical business advice. Yet I don’t know of a single one that does! I even know a few that were offered some excellent assistance and dismissed it with contempt? To paraphrase the very successful Jon Taffer, they need to get out of the way of their own success.


I hope you are starting to see what I am getting at here. I’ve discussed it before… And I’ll return next to my favorite subject; FIGHTING.


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