Monkey (Kung Fu) Business….

9 Dec

I write about a variety to subjects here, but almost all of them are controversial in some way. I also don’t have much of a “filter”. My belief system, which I often refer to as the “pillars of truth”, doesn’t lend itself to that sort of thing. I believe that you serve people best by telling them the truth; even the ugly, unpleasant, inconvenient truth. So people with delicate constitutions, thin skins and false ideas of “martial virtue” frequently dislike me. As you might have guessed, I simply don’t care about that sort of thing very much.


Over the years, I’ve belonged to a number of organizations, associations and federations. In fact, I’ve even been part of the leadership of a few and maybe you could even say I have created a few. If you are a martial artist, chance are you’ve belonged to a few as well. So, ask yourself, WHY did you join those groups?


Like a lot of martial artists, I joined at least a few organizations for what might be loosely termed “recognition”. Not even necessarily “rank”, thought there are tons that do that as well. Some are cons that simply sell rank. Many legitimately serve to issue rank, with good intentions. Virtually all groups issue recognition in the form of certificates of membership and such.


But does any of that stuff, certificates, membership, rank, etc etc really benefit those who join? There might have been a time when a prospective student in the martial arts chose one school because the “master” was an 8th degree black belt and the “other guy” was “just” 6th degree. Today, I’m not really sure any of that stuff matters.


I know organizations that exist to give out rank outlines, rank requirements and, honestly, “cool stuff to teach”. Many instructors believe if they have more to teach, better stuff to teach, “cooler stuff” to teach, or manybe even “secret stuff” to teach that will translate into more students. Most of the martial arts industry is built upon ideas of rank outlines, rank requirements, belts and tests. Yet, again, I really have to tell you that in today’s world I am not sure any of that matters at all either. In fact, the more material you have the HARDER it might be to function as a business!

I’m just getting started, MUCH MORE to come in the next few days…..


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