There was a last chance, you missed it

2 Aug

I feel sort of bad about raising the price, but I did warn you…..


I am the adopted in door disciple of the late Chan Tai-San and the Chan Tai-San Lion’s Roar Martial Arts Association is the only place you can learn what I learned from him AND train in the methods I used to produce champion fighters in amateur and professional fighting including Sanshou, San Da, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and MMA. We offer the entire system, including all the theory and how to teach it


I also have brought in my classmate, and together we are teaching the extremely rare “Gam Gong Lihn Gung” or “Tibetan Vajra Yoga”.


HOWEVER, as we are aware many are not in the New York Tri-State area and are not able to train in person, we have made the instructional video being filmed during the classes available via a secret group on Facebook.

A very brief sample of the type of instruction being offered.


Unlimited access to all the material being placed in the secret group
– Unlimited instructional video
– Outlines of all the material
– All the traditional Chinese names of the techniques, including the actual characters
– Members only blog posts and limited access to question and answer sessions

Only $39 per month (cancel anytime, no commitment)

If you are not in the New York Tri-State area and still want to learn the material being offered in the new association’s Lama Pai Lion’s Roar program, now is your limited time opportunity! Only $39 per month with no commitment gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to the material

WARNING: Rates WILL go up again…..


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