“Great moments” in Chinese martial arts fraud history!

22 Jul

We of course know that there are a lot of excellent, honest and wonderful martial arts instructors, heck, even “masters” out there. But there are also quite a few con men and frauds. Most operate hoping the average person is not educated. And they certainly operate hoping people won’t re-visit and re-publicize their cons and frauds of the past. So, with that in mind, let us revisit one of the worst episodes in Chinese martial arts fraud. It happened in New York City.


This remains documented in a variety of places but one of them is


Special To The IKF: If you are in the New York area you might have heard about an event called “Team USA vs. Team China” being billed as “the best US San Shou fighters vs. the Beijing Institute professional San Shou team”. Many believe that this event, being a professional San Shou event, is being promoted by Steve Ventura and David A Ross. They not only run one of the largest San Shou programs in the country, having trained two current national San Shou champions, but they are also one of the top promoters of San Shou including professional San Shou. However, they are NOT involved in this event. And they want the fighting community to know this.

This so called “Team USA vs. Team China” event is being promoted by a company called World Sport USA Inc., a promotion that not a single San Shou program in the United States has ever heard of before. The only thing that is accurate in their advertising so far has been that “Team China” is composed of the professional San Shou team from the Beijing Institute of Physical Culture. These five fighters are all professional, full time San Shou fighters and each have over 40 fights. They may in fact be China’s best. So the obvious question is why aren’t they facing the best US San Shou fighters?


Until the next official, IWUF recognized, US team trials take place this May the only official “Team USA” is the team that went to the 5th World San Shou Championships in Hong Kong in November 1999. This team includes Cung Le (R- ISKA Pro San Shou Champion), Rudi Ott (IKF Pro San Shou Champion), Al Loriaux, Josh Bartholomew and Chinu Ly. Of these fighters, only Josh Bartholomew is reited, yet not a single one of these fighters is taking part in the World Sport USA event. Clearly, “Team USA” is NOT taking part in this event as advertised.

In the United States, there are also a number of former amatuer San Shou champions who have turned professional. While they are not the official “Team USA” they are certainly members of the nation’s best San Shou fighters fraternity. These fighters include Dan Garrett, Mike Altman, Scott Sheeley and Marvin Perry. However, none of these fighters are taking part in the event either!

The event is taking place in New York City. New York City also happens to be the home of several professional fighters who, while their primary style is not San Shou, have indeed fought San Shou style and would be worthy opponents. Moti Horenstein is a professional Muay Thai fighter who also has excellent grappling skills. Peter Kaljivic has fought against members of the Chinese team in China before and has fought under shootboxing rules which are very similar to San Shou. Tom Battone is the USKBA world champion and has a San Shou background. Billy Maysonett is a Muay Thai fighter who has fought in several pro San Shou matches in NYC and is a well known fighter. However, none of these fighters in involved either.

Finally, while the Beijing team is clearly professional, it has not been unheard of for amatuer fighters to face professional fighters in San Shou events. However, once again, the fact is that the nation’s best amateurs are not taking part in the event either! The current national amateur champions include Ejovi Nuwere, Albert Pope, Robert Shultz, Robert Franshier, James Cooper, Adam Resnick, Marvin Perry (who won the amatuers a record 5 times and then turned pro) and Adam Caldwell. NONE are involved in the event.

Who is on the team that World Sport USA is calling “Team USA”? Who are these fighters they are calling the best San Shou fighters? Apparently they are students of one of the promoters! In addition, they appear to be people who have never even fought in a San Shou event! So, don’t let World Sport USA tell you that they are putting the nation’s best San Shou fighters on their card. Don’t support an event that so clearly thumbs their nose at both the fighters and the public.



We found out after the event that the Americans put up against the PROFESSIONAL BEIJING TEAM were mostly students of the promoter. Most of them had never fought and were fighting guys with 60+ fights experience.

We found out the announcer told people these guys who never fought we the “US champions” and then they ridiculed them saying stuff like “look how superior the Chinese are to the Americans”…

I don’t know about you, but to me that isn’t just a scam, it is racism. And that should bother you


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