Is your martial art “shallow”?

3 Jun

Are you my friend on FACEBOOK? Do you follow my fan page “Sifu David Ross”? Perhaps you follow my Youtube channel? You might have noticed I actually have a second Youtube channel with a slightly different focus. Well, people who do often ask me why I give away so much free content?


When I began training, back when I was doing the Korean martial arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido under the late Pong Ki Kim, I often heard that one of the problems with martial arts was that once you got your black belt there wasn’t a lot more to learn? I didn’t believe it back then and rather quickly saw one of the major problems. Pong Ki Kim set up a class for the black belts, but many of them had forgotten the foundation material as they had worked their way from belt to belt, test to test. We ended up spending more time reviewing the requirements from white to black belt than we did learning new material.


Training with the late Chan Tai-San I saw the same problem, perhaps exasperated by the fact there were language barriers. Chan Tai-San was a walking encyclopedia of Chinese martial arts, particularly their training and application. But people frequently lacked the basics and the understanding to progress with him.


So, returning to my initial statement, why do I offer so much free content? The easiest answer is because I have so much material, I never feel I will run out of material to demonstrate or teach. In fact, I frequently worry I will never have enough time to teach it all!

drag three

Four books, and more then ten instructional DVD’s (which you can find at and I have barely scratched the surface. Every day I think of something else I want to film, and I frequently get to it! So my “challenge” to you all is, ask yourself, can you say the same thing? And if not, is it because your training to this point has been shallow?


One Response to “Is your martial art “shallow”?”

  1. Angelika June 6, 2016 at 10:25 am #

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

    And I do see the internet as a chance to preserve a lot of knowledge, though in the end martial art is a physical art, so it needs practice! And it takes time to incorporate the knowledge.

    But the more knowledge is available, I hope the more people will eventually be interested and think & move about it!

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