Transformations….martial arts gets you in shape (if you do it right)

8 Apr

These days, a lot of martial arts programs talk about transformation. That is, in this day and age, less people are interested in “fighting” and a lot more are interested in health and fitness. There is certainly a long history of martial arts training improving health. I stand here myself as living testimony; taking up martial arts after being diagnosed with Leukemia at age six. But in this blog what I am going to ask is, can you really deliver? Or is it all just talk?

EJ before and after

Between 1994 and 2009 I focussed most of my efforts on practical application, i.e. I trained a lot of fighters who won a lot of events and titles. That isn’t to say that along the way I didn’t help a lot of “regular people” achieve their fitness goals. But I think that most people who met me during this period would have associated me more with “fighting”. For a lot of reasons, I have gradually shifted the focus of my efforts since 2010.


I know that a lot of people see the results that we publicize and flat out do not believe them. But they are 100% accurate and true. And usually the people involved confirm it. Check us out at our FACEBOOK fan page for example.

fan page pic 1

Now, here is one of the things I find interesting. While maybe the focus seems so different, the training is really NOT that different. I still focus a lot on strong basics and my students still throw very mean kicks and punches.


Which, as always, returns me to my mantra which is “train with TRUTH”. I still teach very strong basics, inherited from my traditional Chinese martial arts background. I mix it freely with an open mind that lets me absorb and integrate advances in our understanding of how our body works and how we can best train our body.

Jackie before after

So my “old complaint” remains just as relevant as it ever has, when you try to “water down” a martial art you NEVER achieve success. You cheapen the product, fail to get results and damage your own integrity.

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