I am seeking a few good people

18 Jan

A number of things have kept this on the “back burner” but I am now prepared to announce the formation of the official Lion’s Roar San Da Instructor’s program. I will be offering a program that will not only teach you the system, but also teach you HOW to teach it. The program should begin in March 2016 and will require participants to commit to training a minimum of 40 hours in the initial stage.


    What is the Lion’s Roar San Da Instructor’s Program?

The program is designed not only to teach an individual all the techniques and skills of the Lion’s Roar system; but also the system’s theory and concepts and the why and how the system has been arranged. A candidate will learn how to teach the system from the ground up, including the methods of correcting technique and movement.


    What does the Lion’s Roar San Da Instructor’s Program include?

Broadly speaking, the Lion’s Roar San Da system includes the following divisions of study;
(1) Traditional Lion’s Roar foundation techniques including the “shooting star fists” etc.
(2) Contemporary training divided into “kickboxing”, “clinching” and “ground fighting”.
(3) Conditioning and corrective movement based upon the Gam Gong Myuhn system.


    Is the Lion’s Roar San Da Instructor’s program only for amateur and professional fighters?

NO, the program is actually designed for those who want to learn a complete martial arts system and also for those who may wish to eventually pass it along, even if just on a small scale. The focus of the program is NOT “fighting”, although some “live” training is included.

control the indoor area two

    Is a particular “rank” or previous training required to join this program?

NO, no particular martial arts training or rank is required. In fact, while we will not discriminate, in some cases previous martial arts training may actually hinder learning this method. Those with backgrounds in other things such as physical therapy, yoga, other corrective movement or exercise science would be especially welcome!

    How is the program structured?

The program will initially require a commitment of forty (40) hours of training. Additional levels of instruction and certification will include one hundred (100) hours, one hundred fifty (150) hours and two hundred (200) hours of instruction. Certification is also contingent upon successful completion of examinations.


In addition to being personally trained by Sifu David Ross, members of the program will be supported by my books, my instructional DVD’s and also have access to supporting materials the public will not have access to.

If you think you are interested please send me an email with the subject “Instructor’s Program” to info@nysanda.com


2 Responses to “I am seeking a few good people”

  1. Mazhar bashir May 22, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    I live in London will you be doing online instructor programe thankyou

    • nybestkickboxing May 23, 2016 at 12:08 am #

      20 years training as the adopted disciple of the late Chan Tai-San and over 25 years training champion fighters. Now you can have access to this information FOR LESS THAN $1 PER DAY !!! Authentic Lama Pai technique, training methods, and applications all for less than $1 per day…. But hurry, because soon I will be raising the price.

      Only $29 per month with no commitment gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the material. —> http://tinyurl.com/j2jdmc6

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