Don’t do it until you get it right, do it until you can’t get it wrong

30 Dec

A good teacher has to hide repetition, a bad teacher doesn’t have to because they aren’t doing enough of it. I think that is what the appeal of kung fu is to people today, it’s always some brand new fancy fuzzy gimmick each and every day. Not enough good old fashion basics and repetition. Of course, FIGHTING is made of the basics!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has the advantage of giving us more variety than say something like boxing or kickboxing. You have to work all those kickboxing moves, PLUS your clinch, PLUS your takedowns, PLUS your top game, PLUS your bottom game. But it is still all about basics.

How many punches do we really see in a fight? By far, the most common are jab, cross and hook. The uppercut is the most under appreciated and under utilized punch in combat sports. You see body shots and a few spinning back fists….

Round kicks and knees are your most common leg techniques. A good fighter will have a front kick, a side kick and a back kick…. even a good fighter will seldom use that back kick. Like any tool kit, I need the proper tool for the proper job, but some jobs are more rare than others.

The clinch is by far the most varied and complicated aspect of the fight. The “basics” are still a LOT of material to absorb and practice. Maybe that’s why I love the clinch so much!

However, when it comes to takedowns, we’re still back to basics. Our wrestling coached noted that even at the highest levels, the single and double is still the bread and butter of scoring.

When you are done with practice today, ask yourself how many variations and repetitions of jab, cross and hook did you do today? How many round kicks and knees? How many singles and doubles? If your practice revolved around the leopard paw and the new standing joint lock, ask yourself honestly if you are developing skills that you will see manifest when it gets “real”?



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