You know what really grinds my gears?

29 Dec

I’ve spent a long time in the martial arts world, and I’ve already blogged a few times about aspects of it that really annoy me, but here I go again!


We’re supposed to be “warriors” but the reality is, martial arts people like to gossip and talk crap. People hear gossip and take it as truth, and then try to spread it. We’d be a lot better off if a lot of these people just shut up and trained.


I hate teachers that bully their students. I DO NOT mean a teacher who demonstrates a technique with realism on a student, or who works “live’ with their students with control. But in Chinese martial arts especially, I’ve seen far too many instances where the student is completely compliant and even “sells” the instructor’s nonsense, and in turn the instructor kicks, punches and throws the student with force.

Fake “chi power” demonstrations, fake push hands, students hopping around for no reason.. Just stop it. No one really is buying your crap. It is embarrassing and a major reason why people don’t take Chinese martial arts seriously anymore.

Fake “wisdom”, made up sayings, fake teachings and the fortune cookie crap associated with Chinese martial arts in general. “Dim Mak” doesn’t mean “death touch”. The Shaw Brothers’ movies WERE MOVIES, they weren’t real. Don’t make up something and call is a “common kung fu saying”. And most definitely don’t mix Japanese in with Chinese because “it’s all that oriental stuff”.


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