Chinese martial arts needs NEW RULES

8 Oct

As I moderate my facebook group “Real Kung Fu Application” at, I find again and again it necessary for me to ask people to provide examples, produce evidence and adhere to basic logic. I can not really think of another community that is so resistant to the use of common sense. Here are a few of my “favorite” dysfunctions and the “new rules” I apply to my group. Enjoy!


Lineage: Much of the lineages we know in the Chinese martial arts world are simply nothing more than fairly tales. In recent history (early 19th Century), martial artists who had no idea who developed their arts or where they came from faced a challenge. They wanted notice, they wanted to market their skills, they wanted fame, they wanted social acceptance, they wanted legitimacy and they wanted to differentiate themselves from others. Most lineages are nothing more than a (feeble) attempt to bring legitimacy to a method by linking them to a famous general, a famous temple or a famous figure. There is seldom any evidence to support these claims. Most lineages can not be reliably spoken of beyond a 100 years. MOST OF THEM.


Opinions: The greatest tragedy of the internet age is the idea that just because you have an opinion, it is valid. You certainly have a right to hold an opinion, but NOTHING guarantees your opinion is worth more than a bucket of warm piss. Furthermore, just because your “master” told you it doesn’t make it true! Want people to take your opinion seriously? Provide evidence your opinion is grounded in fact and reality.


On “fighting”: If you have never fought, and have never trained a fighter, FACE IT, you really don’t know much about fighting. If you are trying to argue with someone who HAS trained fighters, especially if they have trained both amateur and professional fighters, and you are still insisting your opinion is “just as valid” YOU ARE A BUFFOON. Hate to be “rude”, or “aggressive” or hurt your little feelings, but the fact remains that it is true! You are the equivalent of a plumber bursting into the operating theater to tell the brain surgeon how to do his job.


On “real fighting”: The last refuge of the desperate (and clueless). Let me explain this to you; if in a ring, with a referee, safety rules, and knowing the guy in the other corner is going to attack you at the ring of the bell, you still can’t stop them from kicking you, punching you, throwing you, sitting on your chest and punching you in the face, etc etc WHY DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT IN THE STREET IN A “REAL FIGHT”?


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