Forget the “form” and look for the “intention”

11 Jul

I’ve often said, wearing a parka doesn’t make you an Eskimo. Just like when Sanshou people decided to wear shorts, it didn’t make them Thai boxer (Nak Muay). For that matter, when the Thais started wearing shorts, it didn’t make them the Western boxers they got them from. Suffice to say, what I am wearing doesn’t really determine who I am. Nor does the language I speak or use in relation to what I am practicing.

No silk kung fu uniforms in the clip above. We’re barefoot and in “kickboxing” shorts. In some respects, what we are demonstrating looks like western wrestling’s “pummel”. But in other respects, it is pure Chinese martial arts, “internal” even, just applied to fighting.

Look at the second clip. I’ve repeatedly said that what I’ve done over the years was develop the proper training and application of the late Chan Tai-San’s methods. Even if we no longer practice the traditional sets, we’ve kept the essence alive because we’ve kept the real applications alive. I’d even argue the ability to actually use the skills is more important than just “dancing” a facsimile.

I’ve made other interesting observations. When I’ve posted clips like this, those who I know have real training and real skills don’t really seem to have any trouble identifying the connections between the “form” and the “intention”. Inevitably, those who can’t see these things reveal themselves to have very superficial training and exposure to real Chinese martial arts.

If you fixate on the “form”, the outward experience, but ignore the “intention”, the real application, you have very shallow understanding indeed.

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