Believe in yourself

1 Mar

If you’ve never felt sick, never had doubt, never experienced fear, if you’re healthy, if you’re successful and if you have everything you want in life STOP READING RIGHT NOW… this blogg is not for you.


Diagnosed with Leukemia at age six, I was as weak and sick from the treatment as I was from the disease. I had missed a year of school. This is the time when most children learn to play sports. I participated in none of that. Somehow? Luck? Chance? Fate? I found the martial arts.


Chemotherapy and radiation results in nerve damage, doctors told my parents I would never be able to lift my knee above my waist. I was lucky, they never told me, so I never knew I “couldn’t do that.”


Doing martial arts taught me important lessons about life. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and are willing to do the work. The path is simple, but not easy. But if you keep working toward your goal, you WILL achieve it. At times, you learn to make pain your friend. That is why I believe in the martial arts, believe everyone benefits from them, and have thus taught them for most of my life to others.

pkkim school

Eventually, I also discovered that the lessons of life, that we have found in other sources, also need at times to be applied to your martial arts practice. Like Yin and Yang, the relationship is a two way street. It’s all about achieving a balance. As I previously blogged, you need to always train martial arts with truth. You also need to realize that every person is like a snow flake. Everyone wants and NEEDS something different. Not everyone wants to be a fighter. Some people are healthier and fitter than others. You NEED to address and accommodate all these factors.


Over the years, having faced my own personal challenges and overcome them, I’ve developed this worldview. It is NOT the fortune cookie wisdom of traditional martial arts. It is practical experience gained from my personal life. A fusion of the REAL traditions with a modern progressivism. Today, it informs every aspect of my martial arts program.



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