Use truth as your path…

23 Feb

People who know me from the internet tend to think of me as that somewhat abrasive guy who does nothing but talk about fighting. I certainly talk a lot about fighting, and I’ve trained a lot of people to fight in various combat sports. But in a school that has around a thousand members, these competitive athletes are less than 5% of the population. And that was true even when I was at the height of my fighter training career.


Every day, six days a week, I teach classes and train the majority of my student body. Most of them don’t have any interest in competitive fighting, many don’t even want to do contact at all. By far, the vast majority of my time is spent helping people achieve their goals; both physical and mental. I help people to be healthier, to look better and most importantly to feel better. Feeling better is both a physical state and a mental state. I am a firm believer, what is the point of having a strong body but a weak mind?


The point I am going to make with today’s blog is that I use the same methods and philosophy to train both my athletes and my so called “normal students.” Reality is, LIFE IS A FIGHT. You have to be prepared for resistance, you have to overcome obstacles, you have to work hard and you have to face your fears and your self doubt. I said this in the clip below;

Integrally related to this is the concept that the ONLY WAY to do this all is to do it with truth. A responsible coach doesn’t put an athlete in a match without the proper preparation. A responsible coach doesn’t lead an athlete to think they are better than they really are. Certainly a responsible coach wouldn’t teach fake skills to an athlete and thus set them up for a beating in a match. As in all things, truth is always the correct path and you should always do the right thing.


Unfortunately, all too often in the martial arts community I see quite the opposite. We talk a lot about personal development, developing values, being better people. Then instructors try to teach things they aren’t qualified to teach. They teach watered down or just plain fake “skills” to people. Rather than being honest with their students, challenging them to make REAL EFFORTS, and as their coach being there and being accountable for being part of the process; they have found it easier to lie to them, to give fake praise, and to puff up their egos.


I can tell you from years of experience, the path of truth WORKS. It’s a simple concept, but simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s not easy, it’s difficult. But anything worth having is worth the effort to attain it.

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