My dream and my vision

22 Feb

Full disclosure and absolute honesty, even brutal honesty. That is the way I do things. I’ve been doing martial arts almost my entire life, and I’ve been a teacher almost my entire adult life. But I wasn’t much of a business man, in some respects a pretty terrible one actually, until I started listening to Michael Parrella ( in 2009. Through Michael, I also met Bedros Keuilian (, who has also been very influential upon me. I consider myself a very lucky person, and I have placed direct links to them so they not only get credit, but so you too can seek out their guidance.


Today, I run what would be considered a successful martial arts school. It is a nice complement to my many years of developing ways to teach real martial arts to average people, my success training fighters and my efforts to publish historically accurate information on the martial arts in general. I’m a very lucky person. I should be thankful every day for what I have and to those who helped me have this life.


This weekend, I attended Michael’s “MABS 2015.” That is short for martial arts business summit ( I have been very vocal about the fact that I avoid the traditional martial arts industry events like the plague. I have stated many times that I find much of what is passed off in those events utter crap, or to quote Michael himself “same shit in a different box.”


So it shouldn’t really be a surprise I go to Michael’s events, except when you consider that I’ve been exposed to Michael’s wisdom for almost six years now. Sure, there are often new speakers at these events, but CLEARLY there are times when material being presented I already have heard, implemented and understand. BUT THERE ARE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REASONS I GO TO THESE EVENTS.


These events always re focus me. They charge me up. They fire me up. I sometimes feel like an old clock, at times I need to be wound up again. Another thing they most definitely do is help me focus my dream and my vision.


I’ve taught thousands of students since 1988. I’ve taught hundreds of seminars. I have instructional DVD’s. I recently published my first book ( I’ve had an internet presence for over a decade. On this blog, my former blog, internet forums, etc I’ve shared many of my views and beliefs. BUT THIS WEEKEND I REALIZED THAT I HAD YET TO MAKE ONE, UNIFIED STATEMENT OF MY DREAM AND MY VISION. And that is what precisely this weekend hammered at me.


In the past, I’ve fallen victim to the myth of “perfect action.” I’ve had big ideas that weren’t focused and projects that weren’t thought completely through. I’ve also changed my opinions on things over the years. In summary, I am as human as anyone. So I am NOT promising something specific just yet, other than to say the next few blogs here will be a clear, concise and UNIFIED statement of my dream and my vision. I hope you will tune in, and I hope I can perhaps inspire you just as I have been inspired by others.

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