Advice on how not to be “that guy”

16 Feb

This is just some friendly advice on how not to be “that guy” when you enter a martial arts school. Hey! It IS a free country, and you CAN do what you want, but I’m telling you things are probably not how you perceive them to be.


— Don’t be a nuisance. Don’t show up an hour early or without an appointment. And if you do, don’t expect an instructor who is teaching class to ignore his class to chat with you or amuse you. Don’t just walk onto a training floor, or pick up something, or start hitting a bag. —


— Don’t lie and don’t exaggerate. Don’t go on about ALL that martial arts training you’ve had, unless it is true. Nothing is more amusing for an instructor than watching the big mouth now struggle through the warm up, have no clue how to execute the basic techniques and/or getting punched in the face by the newbie. You’ll forever be branded a clown (rightfully so) and even if you join, no one will ever take you seriously. —


— Don’t walk into a martial arts school and say you don’t want to take classes, you just want to hit a bag. If you just want to hit a bag, get a bag and hang it in your basement. BUT you’ll end up looking like the guy in the clip below. —

— Don’t walk in wearing every piece of cliche martial arts clothing known to man, especially don’t wear stuff from another martial arts school. Honestly, if you are so in love with the school across town you should stay there. —


— Don’t tell the instructor you are training somewhere else and just want to learn some stuff from him but not be a real member. First of all, if that is what you are really trying to do, YOU ARE A PRICK. Second, if that is what you are really doing, chances are you will be the “green light special”.. and I won’t even explain to you what that means. —


— Don’t talk about how you want to fight, win titles and be a champion. If you really wanted to do that, you’d shut up, sign up and train hard. Flapping your gums about it is just about the surest indication it is all bullsh-t. —

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