The most dangerous thing….

23 Sep

The most dangerous thing isn’t what you know.
The most dangerous thing isn’t what you don’t know.


The most dangerous thing is, the things you don’t know and don’t know that you don’t know them!!!


I think the classic example of this was the early UFC’s where people THOUGHT they knew how to deal with someone trying to grab them and take them down. Far too many of them found out they had NO IDEA what to do in that situation.


I have to admit, the other one in the martial arts seems to be weapons defense. I’ve seen people teach things that frankly will get you KILLED and they don’t seem to know how silly those techniques really are?


The simple fact is, PEOPLE ARE LAZY. They have “comfort zones” they don’t want to go out of. If you are a taekwondo guy you have awesome kicks, but on the ground you are still the clueless white belt. I’ve seen Jiu Jitsu guys who think they can box but really need to cross train and avoid it like the plague. Ego is a HUGE FACTOR. And for instructors, they always seem to worry someone will think less of them if they aren’t “perfect”.

That’s today’s quick rant…. NOW GO TRAIN!


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