The worst lie……

30 Jul

Today, I am going to take the dark comedy debacle of Gus Kaparos and draw from it an important lesson for all martial artists. No, I am being perfectly serious. The title of today’s blog might give you a hint. Yesterday, I friend of mine sent me a screen capture of Gus Kaparos, owner of Green Cloud Kung Fu in Patchogue, proclaiming that upon reflection, he had actually won his fight with Novell Bell.


We probably need to back up a bit; Gus Kaparos apparently is a habitual liar. In a Sinovision USA interview he did recently, he not only lied about the year he met Chan Tai-San. Gus Kaparos told tales about studying Muay Thai since the age of 10, about beating multiple opponents at once in street fights and about beating up an instructor and taking the keys to his school. The stories were so improbable they inspired a parody video by a former, disgruntled student of his.

Tall tales are not the only thing Gus Kaparos specializes in. He has challenged a number of people to fights, only to find ways to avoid actually fighting. He did it so frequently, it became a joke on Gene Ching’s Kung Fu forum.


Gus Kaparos is clearly a pathological liar, but former students have also suggested he has a drinking problem. So perhaps that explains why he doesn’t even keep track of the lies he tells and apparently talked himself into a fight with Novell Bell. Video of the fight should have told the whole story. Gus Kaparos clearly has very little sparring experience, questionable skills and clearly LOST….


I should mention that this was almost two months ago. It was being quickly forgotten. Yet yesterday, Gus Kaparos of Green Cloud Kung Fu in Patchogue Long Island New York took to facebook to revise history and claim he really won his fight with Novell “Black Taoist” Bell. On facebook, Gus Kaparos said
“I walked in the ring injured recovering from back surgery that almost left me in a wheel chair”. However, there are SCREEN CAPTURES from before the fight where Gus claimed he was in perfect health and said he would make “no excuses” for any injuries!


Gus Kaparos then said “Novel chose to try to blind me with an open finger thrust.” Watch the video at the end of this blog, THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

Gus Kaparos then says “Saying that it was a TKO was a lie! There was no standing eight count and I immediately got back on my feet”. Novell has now released the UNEDITED TAPE. It shows Gus Kaparos’ friends and students giving him extended rests, trying desperately to save Gus from himself.

Gus Kaparos said “In the second round I could have finished him off with a guillotine choke.” Watch this video, and try not to laugh so hard that you hurt yourself. Gus Kaparos has no idea what a Guillotine Choke is!

Gus Kaparos said “The rest of the time I was using my Kung Fu to control his little tantrum”. If by “control” he means getting punched in the face, kicked around the ring and not being able to block a single knee strike?

Gus Kapros then says “The real Sifus that know their stuff could very easily see that I was was calmly controlling a much larger healthier adversary”.

Gus Kaparos said ” I Spoke to other Sifus and they felt the only Technical loss was on Novell’s part”

Watch the video, the man is living in a fantasy land of his own construction. Unable to accept reality.

I have to seriously question how anyone in the martial arts community can still stand behind a man who has been proven a liar of this magnitude. Gus Kaparos wants to talk about “honor” but clearly he has none. Do people not have any self respect anymore?

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, even if this story initially appears to you to have no relationship to you in any way, IT DOES….

It is unethical and dishonorable to lie about your training, your qualifications and what you teach. it is inexcusable to lie to your students. But the worst lie?


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