Traditional Kung Fu tactics that WORK….

29 Jul

Traditional Chinese martial arts, AKA “Kung Fu,” has a pretty horrible reputation in today’s martial arts world. As I have previously posted in regards to this, much of it has to do with the culture that has developed; the wrong people in charge, the wrong attitudes, “posers”, “wannabes”, talking about fighting but not fighting, not understanding fighting, etc. Regardless, that does NOT mean that there are not applicable skills in traditional Chinese martial arts.

jaat tactic one

This first picture I post shows a combination of two tactics I am very fond of. The first is the “cross kick” to the shin. Hard to see, effective in not only creating opportunities but also very damaging. There is a similar kick in French Savate, and we combine methods a lot in my school. Here it is combined with using the hand as a distraction, a proven method in real fights.

pek to inside vs jab

Using “pek teui” / “bahk hok tam soi” against the inside of the rear leg. I recommend you wait until they jab, putting their weight forward and turning out their lead leg.

spin hook kick

Again, use the hands to distract. Throw a jab, set up a spin kick….

pek into chaai

When they lift their leg to avoid the Pek Teui, use the same leg to launch a Chaai Teui!

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