Chan Tai San book now available…. and why I wrote it

14 Jul

September 1, 2014 will mark ten years since Chan Tai-San passed away. Not long after that, I started a thread on Gene Ching’s kung-fu forum called “Chan Tai San stories. People almost immediately asked me if I was going to publish a book, and I initially said yes. It took me almost ten years to actually do so.

front cover art small

The book is now available at
It includes a history of the Lion’s Roar tradition, it’s theory and some technique. It updates material that I wrote more than 20 years ago. It also includes all the Chinese characters for the first time.

chan tai san applications

Right after Chan Tai-San died, I was going to publish a small memorial book and hold a banquet, but almost as soon as the funeral was over, some of Chan Tai-San’s students returned to their old habits and I lost interest. But, ironically, the worst offender also helped motivate me to write the book and finally publish it. In recent months, as many already know, certain person has been caught telling a mountain of lies. The book, with it’s detailed chronology and documents including pictures of Chan Tai San training the disciples, should make it hard for people to be scammed by idiots such as this green clown.


The time is also right for this book. There has been a lot of excellent, academic, writing on Chinese martial arts in recent years. I think this book adds to that collection. I have included information on Lama (Vajrayana) Buddhism, what it meant to be on China’s western frontier, the extent of “Tibetan culture” and the politics of martial arts in the Republican era. I also addressed the controversies of “Tibetan martial arts” and the story of Sing Lung.

So, there is stuff in this book you CAN NOT find any place else.

    Authentic Lama Pai Kung Fu: The teachings of the late Chan Tai-San

The book is now available at


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