Green Cloud lies and rotten kung fu in Patchogue NY

6 Jun

Once again, Gus Kaparos, owner of Green Cloud Kung Fu Academy in Patchogue NY, has resurfaced to tell lies, insult his classmates, throw out random challenges and then retreat to the safety of his school and the protection of his lawyer. Once again, as we have promised him, when he surfaces and tells lies, we will be here to correct him and inform the public of the truth.

An indisputable fact is that Gus Kaparos of Patchogue, Long Island was born in 1966. He has admitted it on FACEBOOK, on Gene Ching’s Kungfu Magazine online forum and in the recent segment he did for Sinovision USA. Here is one example, him saying he was 24 years old in 1990.

which lie to believe

Unfortunately, when Gus posts on the internet, much of what he posts in unintelligible. Fortunately in this case, GUS HIMSELF PUT IN RED the pertinent information. Gus was 24 years old in 1990, born in 1966. If then, as he claims now, that he met Chan Tai-San “at the age of 17” then that year would have been 1983. Unfortunately for Gus Kaparos, in 1983 Chan Tai-San was not even in the United States.

My name is David Ross and I was introduced to Chan Tai-San by Stephen H. Laurette in 1986. Among the things I have to verify this is Chan Tai-San’s own letter in his own handwriting.


In addition, I was certified by the North American Chinese Martial Arts Federation (NACMAF) as an instructor of Lama Pai under Chan Tai-San in 1994. The heads of this organization, Sifu Tai Yim and Sifu Anthony Goh, verified my credentials by contacting Sifu Chan Tai-San directly. Please refer to the certificate.

nacmaf instructor cert

The certificate, issued in 1994, indicates that I had studied “8 years,” indicating since 1986. I was with Chan Tai-San in 1986, Gus Kaparos was not there. I’ll add to this the fact that at this time we were in Chinatown at the Chan Family Association building. I have pictures there.


In addition to claiming that he met Chan Tai San “at age 17,” Gus Kaparos also claims to have trained “in Chinatown.” As I am about to establish, these are BOTH LIES. Gus Kaparos was introduced to Chan Tai San in 1990, at age 24, and at this point Chan Tai-San was no longer in Chinatown. This of course explains why Gus Kaparos can not produce a single photo of himself in Chinatown at the Chan Family Association building.

In the October 1989 issue of Inside Kung Fu Magazine, Stephen H. Laurette and I authored an article on Chan Tai-San and Lama Pai.

IKF front page

The article mention Stephen Laurette, Steve Ventura and David Ross (no mention of “Gus Kaparos”). This is a matter of record, other people who became prominent in Chan Tai-San’s school such as Michael Parrella, Chris Jurak and Stephen Innocenzi arrived after this article was published. They also ARRIVED BEFORE GUS KAPAROS.

After the Inside Kung Fu Magazine article, a “public class” was set up to teach Chan Tai-San’s kung fu. refer to these two pictures please;


I was the head instructor for these public classes. Note me in a traditional seated pose.

public class

The second picture is Chan Tai-San at the public class. You will note Michael Parrella, Stephen Innocenzi, Chris Jurak and myself present. YOU WILL NOTE THAT GUS KAPAROS IS NOT THERE.

Recently, Gus Kaparos has tried to suggest that I had minimal significance in the Chan Tai-San organization and minimal relationship with Chan Tai-San. First and foremost, I was with Chan Tai-San four years before Gus Kaparos was even introduced to Chan Tai San. I was the head instructor of the public classes BEFORE Gus Kaparos was introduced to the school. Also, as Chan Tai-San spoke NO ENGLISH, I was his translator when he attended national tournaments and events.

business card

Everyone should note that I dealt so frequently with Chinese instructors that my business card was printed in Chinese as well. In regards to Gus Kaparos’ own claims of his relationship to Chan Tai-San, it must be noted that Gus Kaparos does NOT speak Chinese at all!

IKF cover story

When Inside Kung Fu Magazine ran a cover story on Chan Tai-San, the article was translated and edited by Stephen Innocenzi and myself. In addition, I personally published more than 50 articles on Chan Tai-San and Lama Pai in the 1990’s.

Michael Parrella introduced Gus Kaparos to Chan Tai-San in 1990. In addition to Michael’s account, there is Gus Kaparos himself admitting this on several kung fu forums and in Youtube comments. Gus was born in 1966 and was 24 years old in 1990. Gus Kaparos was NOT “17,” Gus Kaparos was not a “young boy.” These are lies.

Considering that Chan Tai-San spoke no English and Gus Kaparos speaks no Chinese, Gus’ relationship with Chan Tai San is “questionable”. Gus Kaparos’ attempts to suggest I was not a major figure in Chan Tai-San’s organization are simply dishonest and patently ridiculous. They are the tactics of a man who has lied about his experience and is trying to confuse the public.

UPDATE: You can learn more from the newly published book on Chan Tai San at


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    Bring back Inside Kung Fu

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