There’s a whole other world out there…..

1 Jun

My roots are in Chinese martial arts. There is no debate about that. I am proud of my roots. The tallest building is only as great as its foundation. I had a great foundation, meeting the late Chan Tai-San in 1986 and training with him 16 years.


However, by 1994 my interests and direction began to change. In 1994, the school agreed to help the fledgling USA WKF hold sanshou matches in New York City to help promote the World Wushu Championships which were coming to Baltimore, MD. By this time, I had already seen the UFC, done some cross training and was interested in the world of full contact fighting. Of course, anyone with a brain will note that back then Chan Tai-San was alive and well, and in the school. There was no “break.” There wasn’t even a disagreement or a discussion. Chan Tai-San NEVER had an issue with what I taught and how I ran my classes, EVER….


In 1989 I was the chief instructor for Chan Tai-San’s public classes. This meant I trained all the students in basics and ran the classes, inclduing the sparring. I was responsible for this until 1992 when I went to Washington DC to pursue my Master’s Degree. When I was interested in “kung fu tournaments” the students I prepared did quite well. The above picture shows how we took 14 trophies one year at NACMAF. They were almost equally distributed in empty hand forms, weapons forms and the sparring that NACMAF did, a kind of “hard point fighting.”


Pretty much everyone knows that when I returned to New York in 1994, I began my transition to training only full contact fighters. Well, that is everyone except people on kung fu forums. Between 1989 and 1994 I was a constant fixture at every major Chinese martial arts event in the country, I traveled with Chan Tai-San and was his translator. I appeared in over 50 articles about Chan Tai-San and Lama Pai. I was also an advisor to the USA WKF. Then I moved on. Just because you weren’t there doesn’t mean those things didn’t happen.


People on some of these kung fu forums also seem to think that once I left the “Wu Lin,” my life ceased and nothing every happened. I have news for these wunderkinds, the world continues to revolve without you and stuff happens that you aren’t aware of. Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Some idiot on one of the kung fu forums said recently “I never see him at no kung fu tournaments”…..


Most kung fu tournament only have point sparring, and we don’t do point sparring. We don’t do forms either. We used to go to the USA WKF national tournaments when they had sanshou, but maybe you didn’t notice since you were too busy in your silk PJ’s doing forms while we were fighting full contact. Of course, when the USA WKF dropped sanshou, we stopped going to those events…


Same idiot said “oh, he claims he trains fighters, but I don’t know about it.” Are you 5 years old? Just becuase you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I don’t CLAIM to train fighters, I’ve been training them for 15 years. Your weak little mind maybe can’t grasp the concept, but the piles of pictures and hours of video are there…


I don’t just train fighters, I train champions….


And we’ve won not only in Sanshou / San Da, but also in Muay Thai and MMA….



So what exactly am I supposed to prove to you? Who have you trained? I’ve produced 3 world champions and 18 national champions in Sanshou / San Da, a US champion in Muay Thai, a regional champion in American Kickboxing, two amateur MMA champions, and finalists in the Golden Gloves. I used to keep exact records on this stuff, but after 15 years and hundreds of fighs, I just lost track….


And, again, you? I know, you never have seen me at your little, local kung fu event, so what could I have possibly done…..


Not everyone who does kung fu is an idiot, just some people make it seem that way


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