Random thoughts on training (the basics)

26 May


People who have trained with me always note the same thing, my focus is on the basics and their proper execution. I start with basic boxing; jab, cross, lead hook, rear uppercut. Boxing teaches footwork, head movement, combination work. It has extremely important benefits. I start with basic kicks; foot jab, thrust kick, and rear leg round kick.

At beginning levels, we don’t teach much combination. Jab is taught with cross. Foot jab is taught with thrust kick. The round kick is done by itself with concentration on rotation and the 4 levels (calf, thigh, ribs and neck).

These techniques are done with equipment. Then we add some defense; i.e. jab and cross then cover up against two swing (hook) blows or jab and cross and slip.

Repetition is king when it comes to training. It’s muscle memory. It’s quality over quantity.

The biggest obstacle to developing a successful combat program is the obvious, a lot of people have issues with getting hit and getting injured. The “secret” is two fold. First, prepare them slowly and properly for the contact so that injuries are rare and they are prepared to spar and won’t feel lost. Second, and more importantly, get them in the mind set to do contact work.

I have found something quite strange. People have less issues with getting smacked with a focus mitt than punched with a glove. Starting off with pad drills people, learn to block, slip, duck, etc. I wait until they have a good feeling for it then we go into partner work. You start off with EXACTLY the same drills they were doing with the focus mitts. So they feel less concerned because they have already done it with the focus mitts.

I must stress that when doing partner work, we insist they wear shin pads, groin cup and mouth piece just in case. Especially shin pads as you teach them leg blocking, using the elbow to block etc.


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