Losing makes winners

21 May


“Losing creates adversity.
Overcoming adversity builds character.”

The above quote is from Dan Gable, one of the most exceptional people ever in the world of sports. If you don’t know who he is, please do read up a little on him. Among the many things that make him exceptional is that he was both an elite wrestler AND an elite coach.

If you have ever trained fighters, you know that they don’t like to lose. In fact, many times a loss is followed by a lot of drama. Sometimes the athlete even blames his loss on his coach, his team, his facility, whatever. When an athlete does this the answer is simple


Everyone loses, even the “big stars” in the UFC. Do you think the guys in Thailand with 200 plus fights have no losses? Losing is never the issue, it is LEARNING FROM THE LOSS that is the issue.

Sometimes you have no control over a loss. Sometimes it’s a bad referee or bad judges. THIS IS RARE. Many times, the other person was just better on that particular night (this is the MOST COMMON event).

Other times, it was the fact that you didn’t train hard enough, ignored a part of your training, didn’t listen to your corner, “show boated” etc etc

Winners learn from their losses and move forward. They don’t sit in the corner and sob.

Of course, this is why of all the people who want to be fighters, so few become champions



One Response to “Losing makes winners”

  1. Stewart Harding June 6, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

    The school of tough love. That’s exactly what I believe in. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter. 🙂

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