“Championship Productions” F–K YOU! (Parental Warning)

28 Mar

Please DO NOT look up “championship productions” on the internet, visit their web site or give them any business. ESPECIALLY DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. Thanks.

As most of you know, over the years I’ve discussed a wide variety of wrestling techniques on this blog and over the internet. Despite a few ignorant remarks from uneducated people, wrestling is a martial art with very high level technique and in which leverage and anatomy are utilized. Unfortunately, a lot of that information disappeared, and that’s why today’s blog is entitled “Championship Productions F–K YOU“!


Under a legal understanding called “FAIR USE,” small clips are routinely and LEGALLY used for academic discussion, study and/or criticism. I took a few clips (most less than a minute long) to discuss certain techniques and their mechanics. Again, I have every LEGAL RIGHT to do this. Unfortunately, on “youtube” every baby with a soiled diaper can cry and, despite fair use, they demand you take down the clips. They also threaten you with legal action.


Now, perhaps more importantly, “fair use” aside, let’s talk about what sort of scrooge decides to make these claims? Is a one minute clip of a 55 minute instructional going to discourage you from purchasing that product? NOT LIKELY. In fact, it is more likely to inspire you to BUY THE PRODUCT. Pretty stupid and short sighted to demand a clip that might promote your company be ripped down. In the past, I recommended to people buying this company’s products. Now, I ask anyone who has enjoyed or learned anything from my blog or posts to BOYCOTT this company.

In short, for being short sighted, petty, small, irrational and not understanding how the internet works, I’d like to tell “championship productions” to go F–K themselves and encourage all my friends to NEVER buy a product from this company.


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