NO EXCUSES… and other cry baby crap

5 Dec

The good part of what I do for a living is I meet new people all the time. The bad part of what I do for a living is I meet new people all the time. I really do try to motivate people, but a hard reality is that ultimately everything in life is about YOU and no one outside can make things happen for you.

“I am not getting results from class” – I have heard it more than a few times. WITHOUT EXCEPTION it is the student who arrives ten minutes late, leaves ten minutes early and spends another ten minutes in the bathroom during the warm up. Do you think you are being “clever” ditching the warmup? You do realize that you have only taken HALF the class?

“What are we doing”? – I just spent three minutes explaining in GREAT DETAIL the next drill. I suppose I don’t mind that you ignored me and had a chat with your friend while I did this, but then don’t ask me “what’s going on” and act like it is my fault you haven’t got a clue.

“I’m not taking the next class, I already workout out last class / went to the gym / etc etc blah blah” – I am NOT in my 20’s anymore, but when I was I worked out 4 to 5 hours a day. Just saying….

“I am having trouble with the side kick” – well, it’s a hard kick, and you’ve only been here about a month. For the record, it took me TEN YEARS to learn how to side kick. Here’s a secret, you don’t have to pay extra for it, to get better at something, KEEP DOING IT

“Why can’t I take class”? Well, you are 15, 18, 22, 30 minutes late… I realize that you came all the way down here, SO DID ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SOMEHOW MANAGED TO BE ON TIME. It isn’t “fair”? Is it fair that you think you are better than all the other students in class? Is it fair that everyone else is already warm, partnered up, and ready to do drills and we would have to stop to let you in? Oh, let me share “official secret #2” – LIFE IS NOT FAIR….

The reality is that MOST people are wonderful, reasonable and enjoyable to train and spend time with. It is always the select few who are crazy, unreasonable and disruptive. But gosh darn it, they stick out because they are the crazy train on the tracks…



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