Something for everyone (?)

3 Dec

Not everyone wants to be a fighter. In fact, even people who say they want to be fighters, most don’t really want to be. They don’t want to work that hard. They don’t want to train every day. They don’t want to give up the food they like to eat, the parties, spending time with their friends, etc. They don’t want to train when something hurts. They don’t want to be told all the things they are doing wrong. They don’t want to actually have to work and work is what being a fighter is all about.

While I have had a great number of fighters in my school over they years, I knew one thing. Any school that centers it’s business plan around fighters is doomed to failure. It’s fun to train fighters, they can bring some fame to your gym, but most also don’t have two dimes to rub together. Most are also insufferable pains in the butt. New York San Da has always known that our real business is normal students.

There are people who want to pretend they are fighters, or (more kindly) are willing to train hard but just not that hard. You’ll find them in your sparring classes. A school like New York San Da will have a lot of people sparring on a good night. But, as I warned yesterday, people have to realize that sparring is NOT risk-free. Sparring has inherent risks and if you aren’t willing to accept them, DO NOT SPAR! Nothing is more annoying (and pointless) than the person who consistently complains that they have an ache, pain or bloody nose in a sparring class. Hey, here’s an inside scoop, WE ALL HAVE INJURIES.

If you want to learn martial arts, but aren’t up to sparring, there are still classes with drills that will teach you how the stuff really works. You are going to know exactly what the combination is, how to block it, and the power is going to be about 50% MAX.

Don’t want anyone throwing kicks and punches (and elbows and knees) in your general direction? Well, we have a bunch of heavy bags over there. You’ll get a great workout, learn real technique, get in great shape, make some cool friends, feel better about yourself, look better, it’s all good! I don’t believe in watered down taiNO! aerobic bullcrap. I believe (and can demonstrate quite clearly) that real kickboxing is a fantastic workout and people LOVE IT.

Now, if you don’t want to sweat, workout hard, do your push ups and crunches. If you want to chat with your friends while barely doing crappy technique. Well, in that case, I can’t really help you…. sorry.



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