Everybody wants to rule the world….

12 Oct

Is the “tears for fears” reference too old? Well, f–k it, it came to me in a wave of inspiration. Today’s wisdom? The internet sucks, but it’s all we got….


I’ve said it before, the internet deludes everyone into thinking that their opinion is valid and encourages them to share it as if it is some sort of truth. The problem is, the internet hasn’t changed the reality of the world, i.e. that most people are just plain ignorant. Take note! NOT STUPID! Ignorant, as in not properly educated…..


Traditional Chinese martial arts (i.e. kung fu) people never leave their caves. They think everything they do is unique to their style and that they have learned secrets. If they can’t fight now, it’s ok, because in 10 more years they will then have learned the right secret or developed enough “chi” to be a great fighter!


Mixed Martial Arts people think that all the traditional arts are plain crap. They forget that everything they are practicing comes from a traditional art. Most aren’t old enough to remember that “in the day” traditionalists did in fact fight, full contact. They never met some of the legit deadly bad-arses who were in traditional arts “back in the day.”


Mixed Martial Arts also feeds the “fan boy mentality” and the “young punk” ethic. They think it is cool to be disrespectful. They think everyone has to be young or they don’t count. I can’t even count the number of times that someone tried to insult me by calling me OLD. I am OLD because I SURVIVED. I survived Leukemia at age 6. I survived cancer TWICE. I survived being in gyms where predators thought I was the smallest guy and likely the best victim (they were wrong). I survived life. Being old isn’t an insult to a warrior ….


The truth is always elusive, and it’s always in some gray corner going unnoticed. I learned plenty of valuable and completely practical stuff from my traditional teachers. I IMPROVED that stuff by opening my mind and cross training and studying with more modern, MMA based teachers. But I laugh when people fail to realize the base of what I do and teach is TRADITIONAL….


I was teaching before there was such a thing as “Mixed Martial Arts” and I am not teaching much differently really. We lost Chinese language and silk PJ’s. Yeah, we lost weapons and practicing forms… but anyone who knew me in my “kung fu days” knows I wasn’t a big forms person or a big weapons person. I learned a lot of weapons from Chan Tai San, but I REALLY only learned a few, in the sense of really being able to use them…. and that was more than most kung fu people ever did…



One Response to “Everybody wants to rule the world….”

  1. Swami X October 12, 2013 at 11:10 pm #

    And I thought http://www.rebelyogi.com was radical! 🙂

    Learning to fight without respect makes you a thug. Without discipline it makes you haphazard. Respect without training how to fight–if you claim to be a fighter–makes you like one who goes to church every Sunday or lights the candles every Sabbath and treats others with no compassion: an empty shell who just needs a good punch to the head to show that beneath the shell there is no meat…or vegetarian substitute for the animal lovers.

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