Vision(s) for the future

22 Sep

Consistently, I get several questions and/or accusations directed at me. It is remarkable how consistent they are, how PERSISTENT they are. They are also remarkable because they demonstrate just how limited most people’s vision and understanding are.


Why did you “abandon” or “betray” your teacher? I get this one from the traditional Chinese kung fu community all the time. I should note that those who identify themselves as “traditional” these days are anything but that, but that is another blog I guess? How did I abandon or betray my teacher? Because I don’t teach what he taught me? BUT I DO!


The last few weeks I have been interviewed by Chinese Central Television (CCTV). I not only explained to them, but DEMONSTRATED how what I teach contains the hallmarks of traditional Chinese martial arts; bridges, gates, short power, leak theory, continuousness, seven star theory, etc. For fun, I often ask “if you don’t see these things, did you really learn any kung fu?” I kid, I kid….. The essence of Chan Tai San’s fighting system is alive and well in my method.


I raise another point here, Chan Tai San was around most of the time when I was teaching. He never had issue with what I taught. He passed away in 2004, a good ten years after I began putting students into many combat sports to fight and began cross training. I guess the 1990’s seem like ancient Rome to some of these kids, but Chan Tai San was frequently present at the events we organized back then. He LOVED watching fighting, but especially watching his “grandchildren” beat the crap out of people.”


Did Chan Tai San have issues with “cross training?”. Well, in the Lama tradition alone he has more than 15 different teachers!!!! He also studied White Eyebrow, Hung, Hung Fut, Jow Ga, Choy Lay Fut, Northern Shaolin and other systems. He certainly cross trained in the Chinese martial arts tradition. He also studied western boxing and Japanese Judo. So he wasn’t “hung up” on being Chinese and only doing Chinese systems.


I get a lot of people who criticize me for running a fitness based kickboxing program. I think to most it’s pretty obvious it is a case of jealousy, because of this program I have a big school with a lot of students and I am making money. A lot of martial artists have embraced this rather stupid and FAKE “starving artist mentality” and think making money is some sort of sin?? I’d say not being able to keep your school open and your students not having a place to train after they PAID YOU is the bigger sin. I’d also suggest there is nothing noble about not being able to pay your bills and feed your family.


Perhaps you have an issue training with women? Yes, we have a lot of women in our school in part because of the fitness based kickboxing program? Do you have a problem with women? Wow, seek some professional help, really….

Maybe in your convoluted mind you think “fitness kickboxing” means jazz dancing or leg warmers or I don’t know what?????? Maybe take a minute to check out the clip below. Right beneath this paragraph…

Those ladies (and gentlemen) have a lot better technique than a lot of the so called “traditional martial arts” students from those bloated, chest puffed, actually made up system (yeah, that too) schools out there….

Of course, while we’re offering that program, we are also still producing fighters and CHAMPIONS in many different fighting formats.


Education is sorely lacking in the world. We are currently living in a culture that praises and celebrates ignorance. Can’t say I understand why? But I sure do know it’s true. So called “traditionalists” know nothing about what was really TRADITIONAL. No one knows the real history of the Chinese martial arts. They’d rather believe made up stories, bad kung fu movies and fake monks.

If you don’t know the difference between pre-Boxer rebellion kung fu and the kung fu of the Chin Wu, don’t even bother to start a conversation with me about “real.” What do you know about the “New Culture Movement” or the “May 4th Movement?” Have you read Tang Hao? Do you know anything about the Chinese Civil War, “New China” or the Cultural Revolution? Yeah, didn’t think so…..

And maybe instead of getting on your “high horse” you might actually, gasp, TRAIN…

Here’s some motivation



2 Responses to “Vision(s) for the future”

  1. cherryhillfcadmin September 22, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Great article from a great instructor. If you’re in NYC, you should train HERE.


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    […] Vision(s) for the future. […]

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