Today is not your day, tomorrow isn’t looking good either

20 Sep

*** WARNING **** Today’s blog post will seem like I am off my meds. It will certainly be politically incorrect and full of foul language! Be warned…


I am angry. A good part of this is the fact my uncle was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and probably has a week to live. But to be perfectly honest, these ideas always float around in my head. Being angry just took energy away from the “filter.”


I have a major issue with people who don’t act like adults and don’t take responsibility for their own actions. And I hate people who sign up for a class and then biotch and moan that it’s hard, they are sweating, they are hot, etc… are you f–king kidding me? You come in, tell us you want to “get in shape” and then don’t want to do anything or sweat? I honestly believe it is a growing trend, I see it gettig worse, not better…

And of course, the internet makes everything worse. Now you can talk s–t from behind the safety of a computer screen, most of the time completely anonymous. And some fool came up with the idea that everyone has a “right to an opinion.”


I repeat, BULLSH-T

Let’s get this straight, you took a “class” somewhere under whodafckknowswho and learned complete crap, but you’re convinced we got it wrong because the “other guys showed it this way.” Maybe grow a few brain cells, I’ve been teaching for 25 years now, training almost 40, and trained with some of the best people in the world, period… Maybe, I know it’s hard to wrap your tiny mind around the concept, what we are showing you here is correct and you were taught crap before.


Some “modern combative self defense” guy (well, actually a LOT OF THEM have been here) was talking about hwo “deadly” he was. He got KO’ed in sparring by a relatively soft single cross. When we woke him up, he rattled on about how “in a real fight”…. dude, in a real fight, I would have stomped on your head after I Ko’ed you….


Ah, but everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and someone exposed this relatively stupid idea to gamma rays until it became the incredible hulk of stupid. Now everyone on the internet is a f–king expert.

– I’ve seen guys on youtube comment on how Dan Gable and John Smith are doing stuff wrong

– I can’t even begin to tell you how many bad “instructionals” are out on the internet, horrible ways to “defend” against stuff, retarded ways to hold pads…. and, of course, my favorite, guys just copying a video they bought and trying to sell it as their own…

PS: If you have ever paid any attention to me, the one thing I ALWAYS say is that everything I do I stole from people better than me…. yeah, I STOLE IT…. because I’m smart, I looked at who was the best at what they did, learned stuff from them, and use it


I am ranting at this point, so let me summarize

– If you don’t want to work, don’t come to class
– If you dont’ train hard, don’t complain you can’t achieve your goals
– If you want to train here, listen to what we are teaching you
– Stop before you talk, better yet, just STFU…..

Coming soon, some better quality blogs, I promise
In the meantime, here is some stuff to watch


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