Thanks to the many who shaped me…

28 Feb

Wanted to thank just some of the MANY people who in my life have shaped me as a martial artist. A few are very obvious, others less so. Also, I am not doing this in a particular order and the list here will NOT be complete.

I had done some boxing in the PAL before I met Master Pong Ki Kim, but he was my first formal martial arts instructor. I earned 2nd degree black belts in Taekwondo and Hapkido under Pong Ki-Kim and also did AAU full contact Taekwondo while training there.

I began training with Chan Tai San in the Chan Family Association building in NY’s Chinatown in 1986. He taught me Lama Pai and the San Da he had learned in the Chinese military. I also learned a bit of Choy Lay Fut and White Eyebrow from him.

Erik Paulson influenced me for years before I ever met him in person. His well balanced, all around training program convinced me I could take my San Da in a new direction. Meeting and training with him in person was like meeting a rock star! This year I have been lucky to now be formally affiliated with him!

I wasn’t very fortunate in highschool, we didn’t have a wrestling team. I knew almost nothing about wrestling, except that in MMA Randy Couture and Matt Lindland were two of the best wrestlers. I attended the first Team Quest MMA camp and got to train with them for 3 days. Pummeling with Randy was like getting mugged!

I attended a seminar with the Rua brothers, Shogun and Ninja, when they were still PRIDE fighters… in fact, Shogun was “brand new” at the time. The Chute Boxe way is a unique approach to Muay Thai in an MMA environment.

There have been MANY MORE… and I’ll get to them SOON

NY San Da
NY Best Kickboxing


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