That which does not kill us….

4 Jan

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Tuesday night is sparring night at New York San Da. I am happy to report that we consistently get a flow of new members to our sparring sessions but, of course, that also means walking them through what sparring is really about, what sparring every week is really going to mean and what we expect of them.

First of all, NO ONE LIKES GETTING HIT, KICKED, KNEE’D or THROWN TO THE GROUND. Everyone wants to be a rock star, no one wants to practice their scales. The first thing you need to accept in sparring class is the fact that it is NOT easy, you need to keep coming back no matter how much it sucks. It’s also a place where injuries happen. There are going to be bruises, black eyes, bloody noses, and, yes, even a few concussions and broken noses. That’s why most people who do martial arts DO NOT do contact martial arts.

Once you survive a few weeks of this, only then can you begin to focus on real things like combinations and strategies.

– Punch the kicker
– Kick the puncher
– Knees vs. the clinch
– Throw vs. the knee

Getting punched in the head a lot? Work your clinch. Getting thrown from the clinch? When are your hips supposed to be in and when are they supposed to be back? Have you worked your “dirty boxing”?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and good fighters are always a work in progress. Be proud you are showing up every sparring class and getting the work in. Also, better take the beating HERE in the gym than in the ring, cage or street



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