Are you man enough to change?

30 Dec

As the year draws to a close, I think back to having the distinct pleasure of having two very high level Muay Thai people in my gym, Kevin Ross and Mark “Hyena” Beecher. They are two of the top Muay Thai people in the US, with TONS of experience. I’m a huge fan of cross training and learning new stuff, but especially from people who are at the top of their game.

After their seminar, three things that we had been doing in the school I changed. I suppose to a lot of people the changes would seem minor, almost unimportant, but after listening to these guys explain their reasons why they did them the way they did I agreed and felt it was a much better way. Of course, I also ANNOUNCED in my classes that we HAD done these things in the past another way but were now doing them this “new way”. I also explained WHY this had happened, including crediting the two gentleman for changing my mind.

I know this would have been a hard pill for a lot of martial arts instructors to swallow. I know a lot of instructors who won’t even cross train, much less completely dump a method they had been using for YEARS. I also know a lot of guys who would (HAVE) made the changes but then tried to play it off like they’d been doing it that way for years.

Almost NONE would have said “I was wrong and these guys were right”, and that’s precisely one of the things that I really hate about our community.

And while I’m at it, for those who might accuse me of “stealing” someone’s techniques I will respond, YES I STOLE IT, I WAS HAPPY TO STEAL IT and I ONLY STEAL FROM THE BEST.

Of course, even though I stole it, I have told everyone who I stole it from….



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