Traditional vs Modern

29 Dec

Far too much is made of traditional martial art (TMA) vs. Modern Martial Art (MMA) (yes, Mixed Martial Art = the same thing!)

It’s sort of depressing to watch how the TCMA mind “works” (or, rather, does NOT work) sometimes. All you have to do is watch the UFC and you’ll see straight punches, hook punches, elbows, knees, round kicks, front kicks, side kicks, sweeps, trips, throws and takedowns.

Does anyone really practice a system that DOES NOT have these techniques???

So one wonders why we see the shallow banter about how it is all “just kickboxing”. In reality, it is not WHAT you practice, it is HOW you practice it.

“Tradition” is another word for “old” and “old” isn’t necessarily better. We used to live without modern medicine, without indoor plumbing, without electric lights. Should we still live that way in the name of “tradition”?

No one fought WW II with the weapons of the Civil War. Vietnam was fought differently than WW II. Today in Iraq we have different tools and strategies than we had in Vietnam

Most TMA starts off with stance. MMA starts off with footwork. If you’ve come out of the cave in the past 50 years you might discover that holding static stances isn’t exactly “cutting edge” exercise. There are better ways to develop leg strength. There are much better ways to learn footwork that are actually realistic and like how you use stance in a real fight

TMA stresses the importance of “basics” yet they’ve mired them in awkward and artificial forms. MMA people will tell you that basic technique is the CORE of MMA practice. Most fighters know the simple stuff is what wins fights.

Forms have become the sacred cow of TMA. The real dividing line between TMA and MMA. But then you have to stop for a minute and ask yourself what you really know about forms???

In a lot of TCMA systems, forms are a recent evolution. And even traditions with “old”/”traditional” forms often had only 2 to 5 forms not the 50 or so we see in most so called TCMA

Okinawans and Japanese didn’t have reverence for forms, they changed them quite a lot. They even came up with watered down forms for kids to do, but now we hold onto those forms like sacred cows (Pinan/Heian)…. ??? ???

A simple ignorance of facts and history leads a lot to hold onto ideas that were NEVER part of TMA



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