Randori vs Shiai

29 Dec

Randori and Shiai

Pretty much ANY martial art that is still relevant and practical today has both of these. They are the much maligned “sport martial arts” but in reality those using that term have no idea what they are talking about!

Randori means practicing in a realistic manner with resistance, one of today’s catch words is “alive” or “aliveness”. Two man forms, one step sparring, demos are NOT alive! Yet the constitute much of so called “traditional training”

There is a full spectrum of “alive” and pretty much any program worth anything will have numerous levels of “randori”. What is important is to remember that NO randori = no ability to use your skills against a resisting opponent, PERIOD.

I’ll get back to that, but let’s talk about “shiai” which is what most people equate with “sport”, but it is really competition. It’s a mistake to think a martial art that has shiai is ONLY about the shiai. A martial art that has shiai is about “randori”…. shiai is an extension of randori, NOT the other way around….

The original characters for Shiai were “mutual death”, Kano wanted to make sure that everyone remembered what it was about, it was a mock battle, there had to also be a sense of a mock death. Being KO’ed from a throw or having to tap vs a submission was the mock death, it was ALWAYS there.

How is shiai not randori? Here, in real simple terms. NY San Da is based upon “randori” or “aliveness”…. yet we shiai in a lot of different formats… kickboxing, boxing, submission, Muay Thai, San Da, MMA…. the particulars, the format, for each is different yet we can compete and WIN in all of them… shiai is an extension of randori, don’t put the cart in front of the horse

For everyone who wants to say a “sport” is not the same as the “street”. Simple question, so how do you train for the “street”????

If a mat, a ring, or a cage is not 100% like the street (and it isn’t), well, but how is what you are doing any closer? Once again, to those who think that martial arts are about “deadly” techniques, how many hearts did you rip out today? How many dim mak strikes did you deliver?

I did a one hour class today, we worked on outer reaping, single leg takedown and ankle picks, i.e . wrestling against resisting opponents. Each student landed the technique 5 or 6 times. In a month, that means they probably have successfully done it over 30 times. That’s like 360 times in a year.

Which do you think is “more effective”? The takedown a student has actually done on a live opponent over 300 times or the “deadly technique” you’ve never actually applied?

There is no recreating a life and death struggle (ie the “street”). There are only varying degrees APPROACHING it. Do you think doing one steps in your kwoon approaches it better than a full contact match in a cage against another trained athlete who is trying to defeat you??????

If you don’t do “sport”, what do you do to approach realism?
To recreate resistance?
To recreate adrenaline response?
To recreate the stress?



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