More on TMA vs MMA

29 Dec

You might call these generalities, but they are things that are certainly not produced out of thin air, they are real issues in the current martial arts world.

For Traditional Chinese Martial arts (TCMA) “proof” of the effectiveness of the method is often legendary fighters in the lineage. IE they aren’t the people who are training and in your gym TODAY. Most of the time, they are people whom aren’t even alive today.

In the MMA world, “proof” is in the ring/cage. Rather than just “being assured” by the accomplishments of OTHERS, the student is frequently inspired to test their skills THEMSELVES.

In TCMA; many schools are famous for their famous masters, their forms victories, their “method” or “style”.

In MMA, the ultimate test of a program is RESULTS. Does its students demonstrate skill in tournaments, competition. etc… Does it produce fighters.

TCMA; frequently derides “sport” and protective equipment. The obvious question, how do they train? If you don’t spar at all, frankly, you’re a joke even trying to talk about “fighting”. If you spar, it is LESS than what you deride as “sport”, classmates are not trying to KO or submit you like an opponent in a competition venue.

MMMA; say what you want about their “sport”, but they are applying the skills of their art on a resisting opponent. It may not be 100% of the “picture” of a “real fight”, but knowing 100% that 5 of your techniques work is better than not knowing if ANY of your techniques work!

TCMA; time is spent learning weapons sets, learning movements particular to hand sets, Lion dancing, etc…. even if they spar and do some pad work, HOW OFTEN? The average person is in class 2 to 3 times a week for 1 to 3 hours per day they attend.

Thus, TCMA student spends 4 and 1/2 hours doing fighting related training (if they do any, and the break down is 50/50) as opposed to the MMA student who spends 9 hours doing fight related training.

TCMA; obsessed with the “correct” for “kung fu” way of doing a technique, can’t be “boxing” can’t be “tkd” can’t be wrestling, can’t be “not part of their style”

MMMA; doesn’t care what it is, only that it works



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